We all work hard. It’s how we get places in life. But hard work often leaves us with messes that hard to clean. There’s no worse feeling than wanting revel in a job well done when you know there’s still the big task of cleaning up ahead of you. Don’t let mess take the satisfaction out of your hard work.

Here at Sandblasting Eugene Oregon we firmly believe that after working hard you deserve to enjoy it. Not be punished with a difficult clean up. Whether your work creates mess on concrete and wooden surfaces, results in paint stains or rust or even a messy car, it doesn’t matter. Leave your mess to us.

About Us
Operating in Eugene, Oregon, we here at Sandblasting Eugene Oregon love our home. There’s nowhere we’d rather be. We provide our comprehensive range of services for both residential and industrial customers in Eugene. We take great pride and satisfaction in keeping the homes and businesses of this great city clean and operating at their best.

We do this because we know that being and operating at your best is incredibly satisfying and rewarding. It’s what we do every day. And we know the same desires drive you. Be it in your home or business. So, why not let us help your home or workplace reach its full potential?


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    Sandblasting Eugene Oregon Services


    So, what can we offer you? Well, with our comprehensive range of services, you are certain to find something that fits your needs. We offer both residential sandblasting and industrial sandblasting, be it abrasive blasting, media blasting or crushed glass blasting, for a wide range of purposes. Our residential sandblasting services use clean and safe sandblasting to keep your home looking its best.

    Our industrial sandblasting is designed to clear even the most ingrained, tough stains with ease. No stain is too stubborn for us. Paint removal, getting rid of rust, cleaning concrete or wooden surfaces, car restoration and more. We are the best Eugene sandblasting has to offer.

    Dustless Blasting
    Soda Blasting
    Industrial blasting

    Dustless Blasting

    Our dustless blasting service is everything you want. Quick. Efficient. Clean. Less dust means less mess. The unique mixture of water and abrasive used in this process eradicates rust, paint and other stains with ease. It doesn’t require any harsh soaps or chemicals. It’s cleaner and greener. Our service really is the best Eugene dustless blasting on offer.

    Soda Blasting

    Abrasive. Sandblasting. It sounds so intense. What about those delicate jobs that don’t require such brutal strength? Soda Blasting may be the answer. Using baking soda, a less abrasive material than commonly used, in the cleaning process, soda blasting offers a gentler clean while not sacrificing any of the power. It is one of the most effective methods for removing rust and greasy stains. The bicarbonate mixture used is clean and environmentally friendly.

    Industrial Blasting

    Maintaining cleanliness of equipment and infrastructure is a central part of any good business. After all, would you want to do business with someone’s who workplace isn’t clean? We offer a wide range of Industrial sandblasting services to ensure that your industrial equipment, machines and infrastructure doesn’t damage your businesses image or reputation.


    Boat Sandblasting
    Residential Sandblasting
    Car Sandblasting

    Boat Sandblasting

    For all those fisherman and water sport enthusiasts, we know your pride and joy is your boat. We can even look after that for you, too. The elements can quickly ruin the shine of your boat, making it dull and listless. Doesn’t your pride and joy deserve better than that? Sandblasting, in particular media blasting, is a fantastic and essential way to get your boat looking amazing again.

    Residential Sandblasting

    Our homes are an extension of ourselves. We all love to keep them looking their best. To labour until they’re perfect. But there’s some cleaning jobs that regular detergents and elbow grease just can’t get done. For all those tough, stubborn, impossible stains to remove outside and around your home we provide an extensive range of sandblasting services. Our team will eliminate those pesky stains, using a method that best suits your home and circumstances. Your home will always look its best after we’ve finished the job.

    Car Sandblasting

    Car looking worn and dull? Want to bring a new life back to your beast or baby? Then our car sandblasting service is perfect for you. We offer a media blasting that is specifically designed to strip worn paint, remove rust and make your car look like its brand new again. This service can also be handy for those wishing to start a car restoration project, or those wishing to give their ride a new paint job.


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    We are proud to call the Eugene, Oregon home. We pride ourselves on being the best sandblasting in Eugene, Oregon. Please contact us today to see if we can offer our comprehensive range of services on in your exact location.

    If you require any further information regarding any of our services, or wish to make an enquiry, please feel free to contact us by any of contact information listed. We aim to answer all your enquires punctually and professionally, so you can get the answers you need.

    “I was re-painting my home when I knocked over a paint tin by accident. I was tearing my hair out. I got on to Sandblasting Eugene Oregon who sorted it all out no problem. They had all the tools to get the job done fast and they were professional. You can’t tell I even spilt any paint there anymore.” Jesse. D

    “Working as a mechanic is messy work. Your garage can quickly become a mess and your tools rusty. I found Sandblasting Eugene Oregon. They were fantastic, they got great results and got the job done quick. Now, my garage looks great again and my tools look brand new.” Peter. P

    “I wanted to clean the concrete in my yard, but I was worried that Sandblasting might be too much. After calling Sandblasting Eugene Oregon to enquire, they recommended Soda Blasting. It got my concrete clean and didn’t leave any marks or damage. Amazing results, It was perfect for the job.” Michael. S

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