About Our Team

Life can be messy. It’s unfortunate, but true. Our homes and places of work, be they commercial or industrial, can quickly become a chaotic mess as we go about our day. Mess is progress. But who has time, patience or energy to clean it all at the end of a long day? Especially those really stubborn, difficult to remove stains.

Here at Sandblasting Eugene Oregon we are dedicated to saving you time and energy. We specialise in the eradication of those tough, ingrained messes like rust, paint stains and oil, because we love a challenge. If it’s easy, it’s no fun for us. Our expertise is unmatched, and we offer an extensive range of both industrial sandblasting and residential sandblasting services.

From rust removal, paint removal, surface restoration and preparation, concrete sandblasting and wood sandblasting, our range is sure to suit your needs. We can do it all (except think of a good joke to go in these brackets).

We all want to work hard and get the job done. But that often creates mess. Don’t ever let the fear of mess deter you from getting the job done ever again. We take the fear, effort and energy out of any mess you might create. That’s what we are dedicated to delivering to you. So you can work hard but also relax once the jobs done.

No need to worry about anything else. Simple. Easy. Effective. We don’t do things the easy way, because we know that you don’t either.


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