Boat Sandblasting

If you love fishing, water sports or just love the water then there’s no better place to be than out on the water on your own pride and joy, your very own boat. That pride and joy, however, can have slowly be damaged in the process. The constant exposure to water and other weather elements can leave the hull of your boat susceptible to rust, damage and other unsightly build ups.

We think that your pride and joy deserves better. In fact, we think it deserves the best. That’s why we offer best boat sandblasting services, to keep your boat looking beautiful.

Looking fresh

Your pride and joy always deserves to look at its most fresh, we think. There’s nothing more uninspiring than something dull, worn that should be anything but. Restore your boat to what it ought to look like and return to getting the pride and joy that you should get out of it.

Our range of sandblasting service are perfect for getting your boat to look its best and freshest again. Don’t settle for anything less when it comes to the things you take the most pride in.

Anti-foul paint

A layer of anti-foul paint is crucial to protecting the hull of your boat from the damage salt water and the elements can do. However, over time it can become rough and worn and you’ll likely require a new coat. As part of wide and comprehensive range of boat sandblasting services, we can easily help you strip away the old, worn paint and prepare the surface of the hull for a new coat.

Soda blasting in particular is a great way to remove paint without causing any undue damage to the hull, due to it’s use of less abrasive materials in the cleaning process.


Over time constant exposure to wind, water (in particular salt water) and other elements can cause rust and other unsightly things to build up below the waterline of your boat. If left unattended it can befoul the exterior of the hull of your boat and cause further, worse damage.

Our expertise in boat sandblasting means we can attend to this for you, before to manifests itself into a major issue. We can help you to not only keep your boat clean but prevent any further damage that might be caused as a result. So why let it build up?

Time saved

If there’s a worse chore than cleaning, we haven’t seen it. Keeping your boat clean is no exception. Cleaning the hull of your boat can be tedious, tiresome and tiring. Above all, however, its time wasting. What is more important than saving time? Not much. When it comes to cleaning boats, sandblasting is a great time saving technique (especially our services, it goes without saying) Our methods are quick, effective and efficient and maintain the cleanliness of your boat’s hull.

We do the hard work so you can save time, effort and energy and direct it to where it’s far more important.


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