Car Sandblasting

We all love our cars, no matter who we are. Our cars are a part of our everyday life. From the daily commute to work to the those that simply sit in the shed as a testament to modern engineering (and hard work on your part), they’re everywhere. And we want them to look their best no matter what. But the world often has other plans. Time. Wind. Rain. Heat. Cold.

These elements and more can slowly and negatively impact the exterior of your car. Crushed glass sandblasting or media sandblasting are effective ways to reverse the aesthetic damage done to your baby and keep them looking amazing.

Why you need professionals?

So why do you need us for this job? Well it takes professional knowledge to get a professional result. Done without proper care or knowledge you can easily do unforeseen damage to your car, in some cases irreversible damage. Not every part of car is safe to be sandblasted, such as the glass panels for example, and this requires careful and through disassembly of certain parts of the car to avoid any undue damage. We’ll take all the worry out of it and get you the best result.

New life

Having a shiny new car is something we all dream off. Our sandblasting services can be a great way to breathe new life into your old, dull looking car, giving it new life and energy. We can achieve this is a few different ways. Sandblasting can thoroughly and effective get you car looking it’s cleanest. It can remove any unseeingly or unsightly stains, scratches or marks in the paint job, by stripping it away and prepare the surface to be re-painted. Your car won’t be brand new, but it will look brand new (which we think is more important)


A new coat of paint is a great way to re-energise the exterior of your car after the elements do their best to wear it down. How hard could it be? Buy the paint. Slap it on. Done. Easy, right? I think you know where this is headed. Of course, it’s not quite that simple.

Our sandblasting services can help make the whole process a lot easier. Sandblasting is a great way to strip away old, dried and worn out paint and prepare the surface of your car to be re-painted. Why make it difficult on yourself? We can make it easy.

Car restoration

For motoring enthusiasts, there’s nothing more satisfying than restoring an old car. Crushed glass blasting and other forms of sandblasting are perfect for any car restoration job. Sandblasting is a proven and efficient way to eradicate rust. It can strip away the old worn, paint job with ease, whilst it can also be used for surface preparation in anticipation of the fresh, future coat of paint.

It can restore the chrome to its shiny, silvery best. It can do almost anything you need done in the restoration process and is a crucial part of any restoration job.


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