Dustless Blasting

We all hate mess. Be it around the home or in our workplace. It can be laborious and time consuming to clean up properly, especially those ingrained, difficult to remove stains like paint, oil and rust. Dustless blasting is great way to remove and tidy up all those annoying stains, whilst preventing any further mess. This is because, as the name would suggest, the process is dustless. Less mess. Less problems. Less worries. It’s that simple. We offer dustless blasting service that is unrivalled anywhere else. Why not call us and see for yourself why we are the best in Eugene dustless blasting?


Dustless blasting gets it cutting power from the combination of water and abrasive. The addition of water to this process has a number of benefits. Firstly, water increases the output and cleaning power of the abrasive, making dustless blasting a quick and effective cleaning solution. Secondly, the water traps the abrasive, helping to prevent the spread of abrasive and dust.

This is how the process becomes dustless. Lastly, any type of abrasive can be used in the process, provided it is water soluble. This gives dustless blasting a great flexibility and a wide range of applications.


Dustless blasting is clean and effective. It leaves no dust or mess behind in the process. No dust means time and effort save on waste removal after the job. It can be applied and used for a range of different applications, both industrial and residential. It is safe and non-damaging on metal and wooden surfaces, so it can be used in a number of circumstances around your home or workplace.

The use of water in the mixture means it requires less media in the process, while still maintaining a high output.


Safety is always the number one concern, especially when working around your home and your family. We believe that’s always the way it should be, and we work tirelessly to ensure this, too. Dustless blasting is eco-friendly, clean and safe. This is because the most common form of abrasive used in the dustless cleaning process is recycled glass. This makes the whole process eco-friendly and non-harmful.

Other commonly used abrasives are also safe and clean (take Soda Blasting as another example). There’s no need to worry. Dustless blasting is not only safe, but also gets the job done.


Dustless blasting has an extensive range of applications, in both residential sandblasting and industrial sandblasting settings. It can be used effectively and safely on a range of materials, from metal to wood, so it’s perfect for the restoration of any listless or dull wooden surfaces around your home.

Dustless blasting does not warp metal, so it’s perfect for car restoration or keeping your fleet vehicles clean and look their best, which are, lets face it, often the face of your business. Effective paint removal, surface cleaning and preparation and more, dustless blasting can get the results you want in a wide range of circumstances.


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