Industrial Sandblasting

The tougher the work, the tougher the mess. Unfortunate, isn’t it? Keeping your place of business tidy while still getting hard work done can be a real chore. It’s a process wastes time, money and effort. There’s just so much you have keep in clean, working order. You have machinery and tools. Infrastructure and equipment. Fleet vehicles. General cleanliness. Our industrial sandblasting services are designed to combat tough, stubborn stains that hard work leaves behind and take burden of you shoulders.

Our range of sandblasting services can get any job done, the first time. Leave it to us, the Eugene sandblasting specialists.

Paint removal and surface preparation.

A fresh coat of paint can re-invigorate the aesthetics of your business. The front of your business is what you present to the world, and it be being dull and listless isn’t presenting a good image. Sandblasting is a great way to strip away old, worn paint and prepare a range of different surfaces for a shiny new coat of paint. We can also remove any unfortunate stains you might accidently leave behind when painting, too. But our paint removal services don’t end there, fear not.

Have a problem with graffiti? We can remove that with ease too. We are experts in pain removal.

Rust Removal

Rust is not only unsightly but, if let unchecked, it will gradually wear down your tools and machinery making them useless. Tools and machinery aren’t cheap to replace, either. But why wait until that happens? Sandblasting is a proven and particularly effective rust removal agent. With a wide range of services, we can fix this unfortunate problem with ease, before it does irreversible damage.

We can effectively and simply eliminate rust and keep your tools, machine and vehicles at their peak efficiency.

Fleet Vehicles

Your company fleet vehicles are hitting the streets every day. They represent and showcase your business to the wider public. Best to keep them looking their sharpest, wouldn’t you say? Sandblasting can accomplish that with ease. From paint removal, preparing your vehicles to be repainted or simply giving them a fresh new look, we can help you get your fleet vehicles to look brand new again.

We have a range of sandblasting techniques, including soda blasting, that are not only tough on dirt but gentle, so as not to cause any unnecessary or unsightly damage.

Machinery and infrastructure

Industrial machinery is the epitome of tough work equals tough mess. Nothing is more difficult or time consuming to clean. Fortunately for you, we love a challenge. Our variety of industrial sandblasting services are tough and uncompromising on mess but also gentle and safe for your equipment and machinery. We use a wide range of abrasives and cleaning techniques that are tough, gentle and eco-friendly. We can even safely and thoroughly clean food processing equipment.

The same goes for your infrastructure. Be it Concrete blasting or wood blasting, we can get it clean and keep it in optimum shape.


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