Residential Sandblasting

We all dream of having the perfect home. We all work tirelessly with that aim in mind, working away to reach our goal. Mess around the outside of your home can make all you hard work come unstuck. We don’t think that’s fair. We think you should get to enjoy the rewards of all your hard work.

So, we’ve decided to come to your rescue. Sandblasting services aren’t just for industrial settings, it can also be a great way to effective clean around your home. The flexibility and range of services means that we have something to fit your needs.


For those who take pride in their sheds and tools, rust is the existential bane. Left unchallenged, it can make your tools, and other machinery you might have in your shed, ineffective and useless. That equals more money wasted, buying or replacing worn out equipment. Sandblasting is the perfect way to eliminate rust. We can quickly and efficiently clean your tools, and other equipment in your shed, of any rust and keep them looking and operating at their best.

We do this because we know that you rely on your tools and other equipment to keep your home in working order.

Wood Sandblasting

Wooden surfaces, either in the shed or in outdoor areas, are a simple way to add some beauty to your home. However, when left to the elements or time, wooden surfaces can quickly lose their lustre. Sandblasting can be a great way to recapture it and can be a perfect to bring life back to dull wooden surfaces. Wooden sandblasting is clean, effective and safe.

Getting your wood sandblasted can be a quick and easy way to give the outside of your home that the new sheen you want and to extend the life of wooden surfaces.

Concrete Sandblasting

Like wooden surfaces, concrete can look amazing around your home. But it can also suffer the same fate in the cruel elements of the outside world, becoming dirty, dull and faded over time. No need to worry, our expertise can come to save the day, again. Concrete sandblasting is a great way to keep your concrete clean.

It’s potent and effective but will not leave any undue damage to the surface. Gentle and delicate without sacrificing any strong cleaning power. A perfect combination, right? We certainly think so.

Paint Removal

Sprucing up your home with a fresh coat of paint can be a great way to instantly improve the façade of your home. But stripping away the old, worn paint can be a chore. And what if you accidently spill paint whilst painting, making a mess that’s impossible to clean? No need to worry, mess is our specialty.

Our expertise in paint removal is unrivalled. We can quickly and effectively strip away the worn paint and have your house ready for the next make-over. We also can engage in surface preparation and can even clean up any unfortunate paint stains you might make. Easy.


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