Soda Blasting

We all value cleanliness. It’s an essential part of any of great business or beautiful home. However, many tough stains or messes often require harsh cleaning agents are either potentially dangerous or can do long lasting damage if used incorrectly. But what about those tough to remove stains? How can you get rid of them? If you want cleaning power that’s safe, effective and gentle Soda blasting is the answer.

Soda blasting is one of the many sandblasting services we offer. It’s unique mixture, used in the cleaning process, is safe, gentle and, above all, effective. No need to sacrifice power or efficiency in the fight against stubborn messes.

Why use Soda Blasting

Soda blasting doesn’t rely abrasive materials in the cleaning process. This makes it perfect for those delicate jobs that still require a degree of force to eliminate mess and stains. Given the less abrasive nature of process, it is also far less likely to cause any damage or leave any unwanted marks on the surfaces that require cleaning. It’s non-toxic, so it has wide range of applications.

Soda is also an effective and natural deodorizes, so not only does it clean but eliminates bad odours left behind by any mess, too. Put simply, it’s non-harmful, quick and clean but, most importantly, effective.

The formula

It uses a bicarbonate soda mixture as the main cleaning source. This makes the whole process not only less abrasive, but non-toxic and environmentally friendly, as no chemicals or harsh soaps are required to get the results. This bicarbonate soda mixture dissolves in water, so it can easily be cleaned away once the job is complete, saving time and potential money on waste disposal.

A gentle, non-toxic cleaning agent that saves you time and money? What could be better than that?


The bicarbonate mixture used in soda blasting is, most importantly of all, safe. It requires no chemical or harsh soaps in order to achieve the amazing results it does. This not only minimizes any potential damage to your property but also any health effects on your family, which we know is a crucial to you.

The bicarbonate soda mixture used in this process is has been proven to be non-toxic, having been used in various forms and applications for many decades. It’s also environmentally friendly. No matter which way you look at it’s clean and safe for use in your home.


It’s non-toxic, environmentally friendly nature and effectiveness gives Soda Blasting a wide range of possible applications. It can be used for both residential sandblasting or industrial sandblasting. Its less abrasive nature means it can strip away paint and stains without damaging bricks or mortar, so it’s perfect for cleaning the outside of your home.

It incredibly effective at eradicating rust, so rusty tools in your shed or workplace can be cleaned and restored with ease. It’s non-toxic, non-reliance on chemicals means it can be used to efficiently clean anything used in food processing. It can also…well you get the idea.


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